Pokemon Go: How to Hatch an Egg

How to Hatch an Egg1

As you encounter PokeStops, you’ll often be rewarded with Pokemon Eggs. These eggs contain a random Pokemon with more Candy and Stardust than what you’d normally get if you caught it in the wild. Pokemon eggs can be found on the second tab of your Pokemon roster page; you’ll notice each egg lists a specific walking distance that must be travelled before it hatches. To start the process of hatching an egg, simply choose one, select ‘Start Incubation,’ and choose which Incubator you wish to use. Then all you need to do is to start walking the required distance while the app is open to hatch the egg. It’s worth noting that an Incubator can only house one egg at a time, so if you want to incubate more than one, you’ll need additional Incubators, which can be bought at the Shop or gained through leveling up.

If you want to accelerate the process, riding a bike in real life is a great way to quickly rack up the required kilometers. Be wary; driving your car does not have the same effect, as any speed beyond 15 mph isn’t tracked by the app.

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